L is for Lone Star of Texas

April 14, 2016 9:15pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 21 Comments

Of Texas

Since I’m in the lone star state I thought I’d write a sad country song just for laughs. Lone star lends itself to melancholy, I find. Now you may mock me right now but when this becomes the number 1 country hit across America and I’m out sailing in my boat with a margarita in each hand, y’all be wanting a slice of the pie then!

The Lone Star Of Texas by Jules Smith.

*Cue the plucking of soft acoustic guitar strings*

By the slow running Bayou
I sit thinking of you
With a bottle as cheap company
But the wine doesn’t help me
Rid you from my memory
Or stop you from dancing in me
You’re always in my head
Even when I’m in my bed
And it seems you’ve got under my skin
I wish I could shake it
Cause my spirit can’t take it
And my sad heart might die from breakin’

Something else called you out west
Leaving my soul a dark mess
As the sun set across country hills
Dreamt that you’d sing me ‘Lady’
Crush down on glass to get to me
Know the yearning that my body feels
But I didn’t say much
How I hunger for your touch
And the way that you made me feel whole
I stare out to vast skies
While still lost in your eyes
Knowing that I am being a fool


I’m the lone star of Texas tonight
I can’t shine for nothin’ when you’re outta sight
How can I see tomorrow
When I’m drowning in sorrow
And needing you here by my side
I’m the lone star of Texas tonight

Always said it from the start
No man could rule my heart
But cowboy you’ve took me complete
You’re the Ace and the winner
For you I’m a sinner
And I’ll lay myself bare at your feet
I beg for one more night
So I can hold you tight
And lose my whole body in yours
I prayed to the Heavens
Rolled sixes and sevens
But I guess that the Devil keeps scores


I’m the lone star of Texas tonight
I can’t shine for nothin’ when you’re outta sight
How can I see tomorrow
When I’m drowning in sorrow
And needing you here by my side
I’m the lone star of Texas tonight


Now all I need is a down and out, depressed cowboy seeking solace in his whiskey and up for making his guitar softly weep to my lyrics.  I’m prepared to split royalties.  In the meantime, lets pay homage to the real Lonestar, Texan group.


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I’m strumming my Geetar…. Coming up with a tune, 50/50 cakes xx

Now that’s the attitude I like! keep thinking of that pretty cottage in Gonalston where the ducks cross the road!

rolling Snake Eyes is good luck, who doesn’t want to be a ninja for G.I. Joe, a real Murican hero?

folk bemoan the current state of country music, they want more tradition and less bro and pop. i’m more old skool:


in the span of one week, two SNL performances, i’ve fallen in love with Margo Price. i’m sorry, mah dahlin, but she is sirening me with her song… 😉 *)

Oh you wanna be careful what you say in jest, my sweet! I’ll have you know that the guitarist from The Turtles in LA is working on this RIGHT NOW and I’m not even kidding! I’m really, not kidding. I feel famous already.

You will be sorry for your fickleness when you see me playing the triangle in the background! *)

Red rose of Texas here, takin over!

Down and Out Depressed Cowboy on the way…Bringing my six-string with me…

Oooh I like it, Anthony! Start strumming Melancholy music maker! 🙂

I’m just priming up the karaoke for Saturday night trying to find a tune to use your words to in your absence. This definitely ain’t your first rodeo cowgirl!

Oh that would be bloody marvellous, a group of my favourite bitches, drunk and disorderly, singing my tune!
Eat your heart out Adele, the real chicks are moving in!

That is a sad song!

*passes tissues* Of course! It’s proper old school, country. At least I didn’t include a lame horse, a runaway dog and a burnt down cabin. 😉

Don’t you have a tune in your head, Jules? I don’t see how a gal could write lyrics like that without a sad lil’ tune playing in her head! I’m going to try replacing your words with “dah, dah, doo, doo” to see what tune comes to my lips!

I have many ‘known’ tunes in my head but this needs it’s own. It’s being worked on. I did the same as you but all that came into my head was the Bond theme tune. It’s my go to. It doesn’t work…

Okay dearie, would you please get out of my head! Just kidding. You did a great job with the heart wrenching lyrics. I admit to sighing a big sigh as I reminisced over a “cowboy” from my past. Then I grabbed my own bottle of cheap company and had a grand time toasting better days ahead and the trail of dust I left in my wake 😉

Hello soul sister.:) BUT I LIKE BEING IN PEOPLE’S HEADS. It makes me feel cared about.

I totally brought the pain there, right? The sorrow was tangible.

The secret is to stay away from certain cowboys but then….arrrrr. What do I know about anything.

Okay then, you can stay 🙂

Yes, you did! I really liked it. Well, the secret you mention is right on for me. As for you, I’m not sure. Guess it all depends on the cowboy. Mine ended up being a total ______. 😉

Wanker? I like filling in blanks.

I would never mess around with wankers – can smell ’em a mile off. 🙂 Ice Queen here x

Haha yes, wanker will do nicely. I had a feeling you’d fill that in for me. 😉

I have a good wanker radar now. Was just a bit slow to learn that lesson. You, ice queen? Hardly sweet cheeks! I prefer wise woman. Nothing icy about wanker avoidance now is there?

I find that wanker fits 9 times out of ten to most situations.

🙂 I can teach you the ultimate English radar checklist when I see you.

Perfect. Might just have to take you for a nice dirty martini for providing me with the top secret list!

Well, what do you know… We’ve got ourselves a real songwriter!

Oh you flatter me, my Blue. 😉 Now go get Elvis!

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