Playing With The Big Guns

October 11, 2017 11:04pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 23 Comments

Shotgun bruises

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday!

This is what happens when you go to a shoot fest and you’re the only bird that shows up. Abuse. Shocking really. I expected better from the Murrricans, but there ya go.

However, I played with lots and lots of awesome weapons and got lots of fabulous tuition so my shotgun battle scars are worth it.

And nobody cares. My princess debutante status holds no truck here. In fact when I show my wounds to people  they laugh and deliberately press it saying, “Is that where it hurts?”

OUCH! Mean!

That’s OK cos two can play that game; especially when it comes to moonshine and whisky shooters. I still hold the firepower on that one.

Got some more coinage of the Queen shot:

Shot coins

Collected all manner of shells like a giddy five-year-old on a beach so I can decorate my accessories:

Shotgun shells

bullet casings

I have an awful lot more to tell you but you’re going to have to wait. I’m sitting at an airport waiting to fly off to my next adventure and I don’t have time. But watch this space, beautiful readers….


Jules ~ She Shoots and Bewwwts. 🙂



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Glad you had fun.
You’ll want to be very careful if you bring your souvenirs into/through Washington, DC. Those empty casings are legally “ammunition” and verboten — as in fines and jail time — unless you’re licensed. WDC, Capitol of the Land of the Free. Similar situation in Massachusetts, the Cradle of Liberty.

Oooh – I’m glad you told me that, Mike! I wanted to take them home to make things so that’s annoying. Guess I’ll have to make them here then!

Well, Dulles (IAD) is in Virginia, so you should be okay. And the chances of being caught with the goods (or “bads” as the case may be) would probably be small even if you went into the District, I imagine. I’m not sure of Maryland laws, speaking of the WDC area, but they almost certainly are unfriendly.

Whether you’d have problems with brass in checked luggage on the IAD end I have no idea — though as you’ve heard me complain, the last time I flew via IAD the organization, efficiency and general ethos at the security checkpoint could have been straight out of MENA (apart from one young white agent with a high-and-tight and a middle-aged American black guy, both of whom were professional, efficient, and looked SO embittered) and I’m talking the TSA and airport “workers” not merely the passengers. And I will of course defer to you on your doubtless arcane English laws regarding your deadly contraband. 😉

I hate Dulles airport. HATE it. And I HATE TSA – did I ever mention that? I once got delayed because I had too many coins in my purse…? Whatever.

What a rigmarole flying is these days.

English laws? Made for breakin’ 🙂

Good shooting!

Looking forward to the Unicorn hunt. Vicious little beasts. And #shootthetenner

Thank you, LSP! I had a lot of excellent tuition but still need more practice.

Rumour has it that Texas is RIFE with Unicorns. They’ve even infiltrated Walmart! #BeUniVigilant


Your Marge Simpson! Matthew would have loved it, T! Good to talk yesterday x

Well done princess. Glad you had fun learning how to protect yourself. Experience is the best teacher despite the bruises.

As you know, the nutcases on the left would love us all dead since we stand in the way of their ambitions.

Well, thank you, ‘Nox! My bruises are getting blacker but there’s always a payoff to fun 🙂

Good grief, Jules! You look like you’ve been beaten up! I hope you’ve got medical insurance. Sounds like you had a fun day becoming an army cadet!

Ha! Yes, I have Jane but I’m recovering. I nice Merrrican juicy steak will see me right!

mah dahlin! you need some aloe vera on that!

luckily you can drink it now:

hope you start feeling better *)

I do! I shall go and buy some OKF immediately!

Thank you, my sweet *)

Ouch!!! The price of admission. 🙂 All of us at the event had those bruises. Glad you could compete with the boys and it was fun for all of us to introduce you to some of the hardware, proper handling and operation. As a federal firearms instructor I can vouch that you performed quite well. You are also a good sport.

As Hardnox pointed out in his comment above, it is imperative that people who wish to remain free understand the proper use of firearms and self-defense as the left and their evil brethren would do us harm or destroy us if they had free rein to do so. History provides us with a plethora of examples, the massacre in Las Vegas being the latest. In all cases, a good guy with a gun takes out a bad guy with a gun. Sadly, Europeans do not possess the luxury as we Americans, as evidence of your recent car/truck attacks, knife attacks, mass shootings and such by the vermin which the left seem not able or willing to recognize.

As bad as Las Vegas was, it could have been much worse. Our Southern border is porous and remains a conduit for the cartels and other bad actors to operate hence the need for us gun-toters more than ever. Police cannot be everywhere… “when seconds count the police are minutes away”.

[…] I was recently made aware of a private message my Mother received in response to her last post: Playing With The Big Guns […]

Thank you, Larry and nice to have met you! Appreciate the compliments :)I had a lot of fun as well as some excellent tuition.

You make a very sensible and valid point. When I first started visiting the US the thought of people wandering around with guns alarmed me being British and not used to that. However, now I understand your country much better I can’t imagine the good guys being unarmed. And as for the sports concept of it all – it’s awesome fun!

It’s my understanding that birds aren’t usually allowed at these manly events. You should feel quite proud !
BTW….nice OTSBH strap 😉

Being of Royal decent I have special privileges, Terry !

I have a plethora of beautiful over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder straps, but in this case, I think I could have done with a steel-armored one! 😉

That’s over ten quid in loose change, that you’ve shot up!
Rather than being destroyed, that money could have gone to help someone far less fortunate than yourself.
Like me.
It just so happens that a full English fry-up with two extra sausages and extra tea and toast, costs a tenner at my local cafe.
Just saying.

Masher – A tenner for a bloody breakfast? Blimey, Luton’s getting expensive, innit!

I’ll send you a pack of sausages when I get home to help fill the void 😉

It’s all about the portions, girl… all about the portions.

Yeah, yeah… that’s what they all say, Masher…;)

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