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July 29, 2013 11:01pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 24 Comments

Do I write a blog? 

Oh yeah… I forgot.

July seems to be very busy and hot.  It appears to have addled my brain, somewhat.  I deliberately made that rhyme.

So on to the subject of addling my brain. It’s not difficult, it appears.

You know when people talk to you in proverbs, idioms, parables or phrases?  Well sometimes that does my bonce in.  I’m quite happy with things like “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” Or “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  because they make sense.  It’s a pretty cut and dried comment that you can fathom out.  But what about this one:

“Not everything is as it seems.”   


Someone said that to me today and afterwards I thought about it.  For way too long. It made me hate them a little bit for giving me something ELSE to think about when it’s hot and busy already.

So what the hell does that mean?  What is not as it seems?  Ok, so not everything is.  Well how much is?  50%?  More – less?  

Am I not really talking to people?  Are they shape shifters? Borg? Observers? Aliens? What?  

Am I being deluded?  Lied to? Is my computer not really a computer?  Am I living in the Matrix?

I can’t be doing with ambiguity.  Whilst I am initially fascinated by it and try to shred it to bits to make sense, it soon becomes very irksome.   

Like when you go to a party and some fresh hell says “ Hey, hey, I’ve got one for you!  Jane had 17 sisters and two frogs.  They all had 12 pairs of shoes and a glass of water.  They got on a train to Aberdeen going 50 miles per hour.  When they got off, there was one frog missing and an empty glass.  Which one was called Bob? “   And inwardly you think “Please. Go. Away.” And the cheapo wine box the host bought to get the partytastic swinging, that you noted on arrival and winced at, suddenly looks mighty tempting.

Or maybe things are just not what they seem.  I think on that note I’m going to have a cup of tea and a nice sit down.

Or a lie down.

No.  A sleep.


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Nice to see you back Juliette – although you sound like you may have had a bit too much of that powerful English sun lol

It’s nice to be back David 🙂 way too much sun… it doesn’t suit the English head.

Don’t worry little one, all will soon become clear.

No it won’t you LIAR 😉

It sounds hot enough for you to appreciate a cold-fingered massage, Jules. I’m sure Lurch of the Addams family could oblige. Magic tricks are not what they seem – especially the ones where balls come out of people’s ears.

Yes a cold fingered massage sounds marvellous, until I think of Lurch. Ewwww.

If I see balls coming out of peoples ears I’m making a run for it. Maybe the Congo.

That’s not a rhyme! Is it? May I borrow fresh hell? God, that’s clever. Makes up for the sorry excuse of a rhyme.

You’d better write more, little missy. Get on it.

Yes it is a rhyme then! Pfft! It’s almost on par with Tennyson 😉

Yes, you may use ‘Fresh hell’ as often as possible.

I’m on it. I have words coming out of my mouth as we speak… eh? hmmmm. I’m on it EPS / UB .

LOL! Objects in mirror may seem closer than they appear.

It’s interesting how the world changes with time and perspective. What is absolutely true right this moment may look completely different in a matter of years.

But that’s not what you were getting at. I think that phrase is especially awesome if you can pull it off in a literary sense. Surprise the reader, eh? 😉

Objects in the mirror .. oh God.. that’s another one! I can’t cope with these things. I’m way too straight forward.

Yes, I agree with that. Everything changes with time and perspective. That, I understand.

As a surprise the reader – yeah, THAT wasn’t what you thought it was! Now there it has a use. Otherwise it’s just mystery shrouded in confusion.

yes, you are hot, Juli! *idiomatic* is a word i like to use at parties to impress the Borg babes, but i always end up being the lone Borg at the party, the Borg Queen is long since disintegrated, i’m like that Borg from the series that developed his own mind and wanted to do good, no more destruction. i just want to be loved. Juli, will you love my machine? i can manufacture anything you want: locket, Fruit Loops, Cinnabon…

You are so sweet to me dear Phoenix 🙂

How does that go with the borg babes? Do they say ‘ Prepare to be assimilated’ or does it make them a bit more chatty?

I will love the machine if….. it can produce… all the above AND crispy American bacon ‘cos me likes that lots. And an invisible cloak so I can hide AND a magic bracelet that can transport me in time anywhere in the world I want to be AND …no. I’m being terribly greedy. I’ll go for the cinnabon!

Did they all have one glass of water, or each have a separate glass of water, I’m confused.

How about “live it or live with it” from an old Firesign Theatre bit?

They had one each. So…who is Bob? Well, I’ll tell you who he is, Bob’s your uncle. Yet another mystery to me.

Live it or live with it ….. I’m so totally confused.

Please help me goatman….

When I first heard this years ago, I thought they were playing with my head — as many do. But thought over the years has made a bit of sense of this phrase, else I am going mad; which is also possible.

So “live it”: get into it, experience it ,extricate all meaning and intent.

Or “live with it” : let it drag behind, be a burden, don’t deal with it.

I wish I had an example . . .

Makes perfect sense if your a bent mind such as I.

Oh… I get it now. See this is what I need, someone beside me explaining everything.

Thanks goatman 🙂

That word problem is gonna bug me all day.



Well Pearl, I think Bob ran away with all of Jane’s sisters whilst we all tried to work it out. I’m all for the simple life myself. Just tell me how it is. 🙂

yes Juliette! some of those pics you see on instagram are nothing like what they really are.

I know right!!!! Ha!

I agree with Goatman…I am a little confused about that as well. But now I see your answer and I am clear now 🙂

I can see clearly now the rain has gone… We all need a goatman.

I like your messages Keith, COS I GET THEM! 🙂

Just sit back and coast because you definitely ARE living in the Matrix.

LL – I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.. I’m coasting.

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