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August 10, 2014 6:00pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 35 Comments

Pavement Rain

“So Jules, what’s new?”


I hate that question.  I always stare at the person asking it, blank faced.


“Nothing.”  I reply, flatly.  They always laugh.  I don’t know why.


I always think that people expect me to come out with a wild and amazing answer whereas I’m really thinking,   ‘Do you really care what’s new? and if I told you the things that I’ve found interesting today, would you really be at all interested?’


Which got me to thinking.  Maybe I should write about a particularly nondescript day, just for the hell of it.  Welcome to my Sunday:


For starters it’s raining. Not just raining but lagging it down with the tail end of Hurricane Bertha.  I’m not a fan of the rain because I like to be outside and this curtails me from sitting on grass or walls watching life go by because I get wet. I don’t like getting wet. Neither am I a massive fan of Sundays.  They have that ‘back to school’ feeling about them that I’ve never been able to shake. Coupled with the dismal, grey day, this made me a little more petulant than usual.  I like the sound of rain and I like the patterns it makes.  If I look at rain like a piece of art then I can find something refreshing about it so I made myself go out.  I drove into town with a massive umbrella as my companion.   On the way I stopped at the side of the street because the water was pumping into a drain and I wanted to take a video of it.  You’re not alone in thinking ‘Why?’


A friend of a friend who follows my activity on Instagram asked her recently, ”Why has she taken a picture of a drainpipe?”


“It’s a video.”  said the other.


“What?  Why would she take that?”


“Because she does.”


Not everyone sees what you see in simple things.


Anyway, I got to the city and went to Starbucks.  The rain was torrential and I wore flip flops.  My feet got soaked and the bottom of my jeans clung to my ankles like cold, wet bandages.  I sat inside near the window with my skinny, one shot caramel macchiato (coffee with syrup) and watched the outside.   People always run in the rain but I once watched a science programme that proved running doesn’t stop you getting any wetter than walking.  Some people were making use of their spare carrier bags and using them as hats.  People make me smile.  But not always.


It was freezing in Starbucks.  The air con was on and this just made the wet areas of my body feel clammy and cold.  Outside the rain was falling so hard it was quite mesmerising.  I got lost in a trance.  I noticed that across the road there was a small area where the pavement was uneven and where the rain was hitting the floor it looked like the water was dancing in sparkles.  I wanted to go and video that because it was pretty but decided to go after I’d finished my coffee. That was a mistake because when l left, the storm had abated and the dancing splashes were gone.  It made me think about missed opportunities and how we should do stuff on the spur instead of thinking about it.  One day we will all be dead and I don’t want to miss out on things because of procrastination or fear or because people would think it was stupid.  I thought about it all the way home and then whilst I was doing the colossal amount of ironing I had to do.  I hate ironing but one benefit to it is that because it is such a repetitive and mundane activity it actually allows your creative brain to release.  I think ironing is a good cure for writers block.  I thought about all the things I want to do and decided that I’m going to do them.  I want to not give a shit about what people think because who is going to care in a hundred years anyway?  I’m sometimes overly emotional and stupidly sensitive.  I can read something on a social site that has absolutely nothing to do with me but it hurts my feelings.  I can go from relatively happy to desperately upset in a sentence. It’s part of my personality that I hate and have always tried to fight.  People can often piss me off with their hypocrisy and small mindedness but then they can equally make me laugh and feel blessed.  I guess this is normal.  I started thinking about how I’ve got to be harder and just care about what I want to do and not what others may think of that.  Life’s too short to be a people pleaser.


I left the ironing as I found something stripy and it made my eyes go funny. I went to my bookcase and got out a book I’d bought years back called “How to be an asshole”.  I thought it was funny and that I might actually learn to be less sensitive. I’m going to read it again and see if I can be an asshole but with a conscience.  It will be an interesting challenge.


I sat on the sofa and put the book on my table ready for when I could be bothered to read it, which wasn’t right then.  There was a pack of 50 gel pens that I bought yesterday from the supermarket.  I love pens and paper and journals.   It’s not like I NEED anymore of these things but I can’t stop collecting them.  I have a stationery illness.  I put my music on my ipad, to shuffle.  I rarely do this as I prefer to pick music to suit my mood but I thought I’d go with whatever came  as I sat testing the pens and writing words in different colours.  The tracks that came on seemed to fit my melancholy mood perfectly.  That then led to me thinking about coincidence and afterlife. I wondered for a while about the difference between life and death because we don’t really know.  Being a chirpy soul, I am inclined to think that once dead, that’s it, you’re dead. Nothing.  But theres a narcissism in mankind that can’t buy into that.  I envy people with absolute faith.  I have a glimmer of belief in something when coincidence occurs but I can usually talk myself out of it.


I’m going to watch “Shed of the Year” now.  It’s a show about the nutters in the UK who have made some amazing outside spaces.  I am going to become one of these nutters.  I have even booked a man to come and lay me a 16 foot concrete base so I can build myself a house outside.  I’ve always wanted a tree house but don’t have a big enough tree.  So I’m going to have a shed and make it a place that I can be creative in.  I’m calling it “The Head Shed.” It is going to be the best wooden house in the land and I’m going to love it right up until a spider comes in and I’ll never dare go inside it again.


And this is why when people ask me what’s new, I give the reply I do.  Don’t ever ask me that question.


I shall leave you with the final track currently playing on my ipad so we end on the same song and maybe meet in the spaces in-between.





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It would be nice to think of a facetious rhyming answer to the question “What’s new?” “Mutton stew” is the best I can think of off hand, but I’m sure we could improve on that.

Empty jam jars are good for trapping spiders. Place it over the spider upside down and turn it gently horizontal. The spider will always climb up the side rather running out and climbing up your ankle. You can then screw on the lid and empty out the contents on the other side of your garden fence. Voila!

Mutton stew, Not a clue, A room with a view, I’m going to the zoo… 🙂

Well that’s an interesting little tidbit, Mr. Gorilla Bananas. Problem is, I can’t go within two feet of a spider without going into a spasm, panic dance. It will need to be an exceptionally long jar!

If you write such a lovely post each time I ask what’s new…get ready to hear that question more often! 😉
Interesting musings here.. The ironing one sure needs to be given a thought. I have a pile waiting and have my muse is lost too! 😉

I’ll always answer you, Aditi. You saved my mobile blog life yesterday! x

Every time I iron my brain floods with thoughts. It’s incredible. I think it’s my body’s way of keeping me distracted so I don’t go into an ironing rage!

I love the stream of consciousness…. I always want to know the answer when I ask what’s new, I’m innately nosey I think that’s why I’m good at my job.

Can I move into your shed when the spider does please? I really don’t mind them

Anniesu! Yes, but you have a way of knowing what’s to know even in the deepest of minds. If you’re not trying to choke me with cookies.
Isn’t it funny that the person who probably gets me most of all is of witchery nature…:)

i totally feel ya on the Sunday thing. when i was a kid, Sunday afternoons were dreadful. sure, there was Munsters and Three Stooges at 11AM, but after lunch, it was a matter of slogging through a boring baseball game thinking of the doom of the new school week approaching. nowadays, my Sundays are filled with so much busywork i forget to breathe, i forget what day it is…..oh, it’s Sunday *)

So long as you enjoy your busywork then that’s all that matters, sweet Phoenix. Though breathing in squares is important during the process. *)

So…what’s up? What’s going on?

People know that you have a wickedly creative mind and and interesting insight….that and people ask the question when they are too polite to ask, ‘isn’t that spinach on your tooth?’ or ‘did you know that your left heel is trailing a ribbon of toilet paper (British public toilet – paper is notoriously waxy and tough and will stay there for the rest of the day if not removed)?’

Haha! Nuffin!

Yes but if I tell them what I’m really thinking then they do that rolling eyes thing and say “Gosh, is that the time?”

But stops your shoes from getting wet!

Next time they ask what you’re thinking, say, “Let me tell you about my relationship with Jesus Christ and how you can be saved yourself.” In most cases they flee immediately.

If they are ‘Jesus people’, tell them, “Let me tell you about the pact that I’ve made with His Satanic Majesty and how he took my soul — and explain how I can arrange that for you.”

One way or the other, you have them on the run.

LOL; I love both of these! 😀

Noted. Excellent responses Larry!

What’s new is every JS blog. Fresh, too.

Fresh, fresh, exciting….

Hello Clark 🙂 I’ve just woken up to find that Robin Williams has committed suicide and I’m upset by this. There needs to be a cure for sadness.

Now I want a head shed! Come build me one too, k? Kidding. Our new house is almost done and then I’ll have plenty enough space to get creative. Right now I’m stepping on people’s toes just to get to my computer. Ugh.

You still need a Head Shed, Crystal. They are the future of living in peace. Your own home outside your home. A place of outside wonder and woodiness. Once the event happens and the build is in progress I shall post about the wonder of shediness and you will crave your own!

Imagine your life in 3 months time as you tiptoe over stuff to get to your will all be sorted and beautiful and fit for the Princess that you are 😉

Hey sunshine… I love that photo… rain on a concrete sidewalk… I could watch rain splatter and dance on concrete all day long…

I’m either easily entertained… or bored as all Hell…


How are you, dear?


SHOES!!!!!! You’re back! How’re ya feeling? Better? Great to have you back. Now the sun is shinier 🙂

I’m with ya on that one. There’s no middle ground is there? Besides, middle ground is BORRRRRING.!

I’m much better now you are back in Blogosphere. 🙂

And this my dear Jules is why I love you so. “That’s what she does”…ha…sounds so familiar. I do wish we lived right down the street and could go filing rain coming out of spouts together…in flip flops…why the hell not. 🙂

I have always hated that what’s new question too. Not many people really do care about the answer.

filming rain. That’s what I meant to say gah

I wish you did too 🙁 We’d have such fun and I wouldn’t feel like a nutter outcast!

Yeah, nobody really cares. Thankfully I now have a couple of cool answers for the future from my lovely writer friends 🙂

No Tracy, I NOW want to go out filing rain. It sounds so much more interesting 🙂 x

Test One Two

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, it works!!!!! Okay, now I won’t jump off the roof.

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! He’s back! I got this message as I sat having a morning coffee at Tower bridge. I nearly jumped off myself but that message saved me from ruin. Christmas has come early! BIG SMILES :)))))))

Holding breath…..can it be? Ok Jules, and breathe…

Get outta my damned head, Jules. I’m with you on pretty much every point here. The being mesmerized by rain (and clouds, and the moon), the sensitivity (people are complete assholes, and my only coping mechanism is to withdraw, because I’m damned if I’ll jump into their shit with both feet). I’m equally irritated by folks using, “How are you?” as a greeting, when they’ve no intention of stopping for a chinwag. Hey, you know what works really well? “Good morning” or “good afternoon” or “Nice to see you!” or even just, “Hi!” Or just a goddamned nod or wave, if you’re not up for much of anything else.

About the films and photos of drains and rain (sounds like song lyrics, almost, eh?) and what the average individual has to say about them, I’ll tell you what I once told my kid. He was still in high school (so either 16 or 17) and confessed to me how discouraging it was when other kids scoffed at his dreams of making music and films. I looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Fuck them. *Fuck* them, because they don’t have what you have and they envy the hell out of you. Or they’re too closed-minded/judgmental/sure-of-their-own-ways/completely disconnected from their imaginations and need to be fed stories because they don’t have it in them to *make* any. Others who create, like you do, will understand, and those are the folks with whom you should hang. They may not be into what you’re doing, exactly, but they respect that you’re *doing*, and will encourage you to keep at it.”

So keep at it, Jules. And to folks who ask why, I think the only answer can be, “Why not?”

Oh God, Mina, I LOVE the moon. I have a lunar calendar so I know exactly how the moon is going to be on a daily basis.
Precisely. Just Hello, good to see you (only if it is, don’t lie to me) is better.

I’m never going to be discouraged again after this wonderful comment. Every time I see a nice drain or gutter I’m going to think Mina said, “Fuck ’em” and I will feel the power of solidarity!

Well, all I know is I would be interested in what’s new in your world. A decade ago I came up with the ultimate solution to that back to school feeling: with the exception of Summer School in August, I never ever work on Mondays, which I can assure you is a great feeling. Should you ever find yourself in the luxurious position to usually work four days instead of five, don’t take your day off on a Friday – ever. You’ll spend your day waiting for everyone else to finish work. Monday is the operative word. Believe me. I’m so looking forward to September.

You’re right. Not everyone sees what you see in simple things, so people often think I’m bonkers, nuts, mental, not to mention round the twist a.k.a. twisted. But that’s alright. They know how to appreciate the true beauty of FB. I can’t, simple as it is. Caramel macchiato is coffee with syrup? I’m such a caveman… I would never have guessed. Thank you for your enlightening explanation. Next time I’m at Starbucks, I’ll order just that: “One coffee with syrup, please. And it had better be cheap.” I mean, syrup…

So the dancing splashes only exist in Jules’s personal memory bank? Too bad you can’t video tape that. (Did I say “tape”?) Overly emotional and stupidly sensitive still beats insensitive female robot thingy stuff. Right? Right? My point exactly. You’re sharp, Jules. Always have, always will be. Hypocrisy and small mindedness make me sick, not to mention borderline aggressive. “Get outta my way, you ninconpoop!” Always wanted to use that word. It’s like, “You’re an asshole, only different.”

The difference between life and death… Now, let’s see… Life is when you pretend to make a difference and death is the same nothingness you don’t remember from before you were born. No? See, I was happy a minute go, and now I’m as blue as can be. You know death is the only thing that makes me blue, so I keep wasting my life trying to remember the year 1850, you know, when I wasn’t born yet. (Really.) Hey, you’re saying the exact same thing: “once dead, that’s it, you’re dead. Nothing.” Unbelievable. If you were here, I would hug you. Finally someone I adore who also doesn’t want to overcomplicate the obvious: once dead, that’s it. It’s like switching off a computer before saving all your hard work: gone. Nothing.

Okay, so, on a more upbeat note… I’m glad I can comment again. I’m pretty sure it was a Blogger thing.

So, what’s old?

Well, here goes nothing… I’m about to press Post Comment… Three…. Two…. One….

I feel hugged….Don’t EVER make me miss you like that again, Blue. (My Blog has been severely reprimanded and I MEAN severely. It now trembles when I write on it.)

I’m taking Mondays off. I believe in you Blue and if you say it’s right then it is.

Twisted is good. Twisted people always drink coffee with syrup but Barista’s don’t like that order. You have to be very specific or they sigh a lot and get agitated. You must practise saying ” A grande, skinny, one shot, caramel macchiato, mate.” Or if you want to be really awkward, you can ask for a “Frappamochalatteskinnycino with extra pretence.” They love that…

Ninconpoop is such a beautiful word. It feels so rounded as it leaves your mouth; way better than syrupy coffee. It’s almost too good a word to be used on assholes.

I’m so with Woody Allen on the concept of dying. This is why we feel we must make it count because when it’s turned off, that’s it. FINALITY. I’m sad now too.

I’m so glad you can comment again. I can’t begin to tell you of my gladness. “And I’m feeling….Glad all over, yes I’m a, glad all over…”


Back with more kudos than a FB junkie, not to mention a frappamochalatteskinnycino with extra pretence. That’s right. I said it.

I like to respond to the question with whatever the worst thing going on in my life is. Makes people stop asking it because people are afraid of bad.

Yeah, makes ’em proper nervous! hehehehehehe 🙂

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