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The taste of Transylvania: Part 2
As I stood and turned to face him his knowing eyes drank in mine and I could feel myself being lost in his darkness.  He moved closer taking my face in his cold hand. His presence commanding and strong.  He overwhelmed me.  I let out a soft breath from my wine soaked lips as I gazed longingly at his face, searching his eyes, willing his mouth to kiss mine.  He gently ran a finger across my lips and then tilted my chin, exposing my neck up to the moonlight as his finger travelled slowly down my throat; his salacious gaze tracing its movement.  I closed my eyes, relishing in the pleasure of his simple touch.  He followed the outline of my antique ruby necklace as it lay against my chest; my slightly moist skin holding it in place with the heat of the evening. The heat of the moment.  The night was silent bar the quickening sounds of my breath and the inner thudding of my heart.  I could feel the Bats Blood wine working its way through my body.  Intoxicating.  My head was dizzy. Spinning with thoughts and dreams and wine.  He lowered his mouth to my collar bone, gently brushing his lips along the curve of the bone and up the side of my stretched neck.  His cool breath awakening every nerve as he travelled to my ear and whispered:
 ‘ Innocent beauty, my sweet divine
  Who’s soul shows love so pure.
  Yield unto me thy heart so fine,
  ‘Tis you, as bride, I dream to lure.
  Oh, night so dark it does eclipse
  The shine of your bright eyes.
  To taste the wine upon your lips,
  Before the passion ebbs and dies.
  Bring forth to me, the deepest souls
  Who drink the Bats Blood wine,
  That they may take their scribing tools
  And pen to me impassioned lines.’  ‘
“Of course, my Master” I breathed….
And so we have it. The Competition- calling all writers, wannabe writers, poets and wordsmiths to the fore. My master has commanded me to set up a chance for you to have your stanza featured on the labels on a bottle run of the legendary, Transylvanian, red wine “Bats Blood”  The competition is featured in the UK’s bestselling ‘Writing Magazine’ which is available in all UK major newsagents. There is a picture of the competition page below for those unable to locate this magazine. Also the competition rules are listed.
I expect to be impressed.  My Master expects to be moved.  You wouldn’t want to disappoint him…

Bats Blood competition rules
Bats Blood would like to offer our readers the chance to have their own stanza featured with full credit to the writer on a bottling run of  Bats Blood – the legendary wine of Transylvania.  Your stanza must be 4 or 5 lines long and depict the Gothic charm of this sumptuous Merlot.  Prizes as follows:
1st prize: The winner will receive their stanza featured and silver block printed on the label of a bottling run of Bats Blood wine. ( A bottling run is in the thousands.)  Plus your verse will be on various point of sale material worldwide and both label and poster will give credit to the writer.  You will receive a case of Bats Blood featuring your verse. Your entry will also be published in the Bats Blood year book.
2nd prize: A case of Bats Blood wine and your stanza entered into the Bats Blood year book.
3rd Prize: A bottle of Bats Blood wine and your stanza entered into the Bats Blood year book.
Any other entries received that are deemed outstanding and suitable (and with the permission of the writer) will also be entered into the Bats Blood year book.
Eligibility:  Entries are open to any writer over the age of 18 years old and must be unpublished, original work.
Guidelines: Entries must be no more than 4 or 5 lines long and befitting of the the Bats Blood wine.
Entries can be sent in via e mail to or by mail to :88 Signals, Box 888, London, WC1N 3XX.  All entries must be typed in single spacing  and include the entrant’s full name, address, e mail and daytime telephone number.  Entries to this competition cannot be returned.
Deadline:  The competition deadline is on the 30th January 2012.  Entries submitted after this date will not qualify for the competition.
Competition Judging:  Competition judges from Bats blood will be appointed and their decision is final with no correspondence being entered into.
Notification: Winners and runners up will be notified within two months of the closing date.  Winning entries will not be submitted elsewhere for 12 months.
Juliette Smith

Bats Blood website here.


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A truly batty competition! What I liked most about your story is that your seducer’s breath was cool rather than warm. If you’re a hot and flustered woman, that’s surely just what you need! It reminds me of the ice scene in Nine-and-a-half Weeks.

OMG, I can,t wait for the next chapter of A taste of Transalvania, I think it could become an Epic, I wanted to cry when I had read this I want more xx

Love your writing – very passionate!

Mr Gorilla Bananas- yes cool and Draculesque! Ah yes, I remember the film well! I hope we’ll be seeing an entry from you GB…

Anon – I’ll see what I can do!

Belle- thank you Belle.

Beautiful verse! You should win!

(The picture strikes me as familiar. Hmmm?)

Clark – Thank you but sadly I cannot…to win the heart of my master is all I desire. But, you can enter it!

Wonderful verse. All the best and love the blog.

MAMTC- Thank you 🙂

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