Y is for Y’all Know It’s About The Boots

April 30, 2016 4:10am Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 13 Comments


I have a list of odd and/or interesting places to visit in Houston.  Today I decided to go to a store that has been a local institution for Lone Star trinkets, knick knacks and vintage cowboy boots. Texas Junk Co. isn’t the kind of store that you’ll come across during a visit—it’s a destination, all on its own.

Tucked away in Fourth Ward, the spot’s quirky exterior is marked by rows of tired garage doors, mad ladies, a faded snake mural and a hand-painted sign promising more than 1,000 boots starting at $30.   I parked my car on this funny little side street when all of a sudden some old Mexican lady came out of her front door shouting verbal Spanish at me.  I didn’t have a clue what she was on about but recognised the word ‘police’ and figured it would be prudent to move my car.  Or go buy a gun.


I have a thing for quirky and a bigger thing for cowboy stuff; particularly bewwwwts.

But before we go into the shop, lets talk about driving over here.



Oh, let me get on the freeway to save time.  Oh, hello car park.

Drivers over here are INSANE.  Signal?  Don’t be stupid.  I’m just going to pull in front of you with less than a millimetre of space and HOPE you’re paying attention.  And, this is going to happen from both sides just to blow your mind and keep you braking like a dodgem.  It’s like playing Mario Kart for real without the extra lives.  All I have to say is that passing your driving test over here must be very easy because a high percentage of the people should NOT be in cars.  Or even walking.

Anyway, I survived and made it in to the vintage junk shop.







“Err…Can I try a pair of boots on, mate?”  – “Yeah, sure you can.”  Confused…


This sign on this wall should be in the museum of fine arts.

Great shop though I didn’t leave with a vintage purchase, sadly.  But the ‘Jules must have more boots’ hunt continues.


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Maybe it’s a man thing, but I do like to see a girl in boots.

Superdrug, not so much.

Hahaha! Yeah, Superdrug is a bit downmarket innit! But Boots…quality.

So many boots, so little time to fill them!

I know, right! I’m sure the pair of us could do it better than most. 🙂

That’s art that is cakes!! Xxx

That made me laugh, cakes! See how you’re getting into this art thing now! 🙂

certainly like your website but you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I will certainly come back again.

What a great place to rummage I’d have bought loads. You’re still in the is it worth £5 dress mindset !!

Well you know what I’m like – frugal and sensible. Even if it’s only a fiver, I’m not spending it unless it’s worth it! In hindsight, $30 -$50 on a pair of old worn boots isn’t so bad as I went to the boot barn thereafter where they started at $200 and up-up-up. It’s expensive being a cowgirl!

If you don’t like the way Texans drive, stay off the sidewalk.

We need to teach you Mexican (which is different than proper Castilian Spanish) so that you can get out and argue with the angry Mexican ladies who don’t want you parking where you have every right to park. A few “Cabron” and “Chinga” style words along with “Puta” and she’ll understand that you mean business and might be faster on the draw than she is.

As to boots, Texas oil wells, and ranches, I think that I prefer to be the first and last one wearing a pair of boots…and as they say in Texas – you want to die with your boots on.

Oh I will! The lesser of two evils, right?

Ha, yes Larry, I need to up my foul Spanish mouth.

I am also going to die with my boots on. But not for a while yet 🙂

Yep, that’s not too dissimilar to driving here! *)

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