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April 30, 2016 5:14pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 16 Comments


So, Zipping up the finale of this years Ay-to-Zed, I went to visit a joint called Jax Grill. This place has a cool vibe with a semi Caribbean, outside hut feel mixed wth old school American diner. The food is plentiful and comprised of nachos, fajitas, Cajun gumbo, crawfish, steaks, catfish, shrimp, burgers and so on. Naturally, all portions are Texas-size.

The reason for coming here wasn’t just for the tasty food and strawberry margaritas but to witness live ‘Zydeco’ music.

This style of music is indigenous to Louisiana with a French creole influence and is like a mix of blues, rhythm and blues and a bit of fast tempo latin. Interesting instruments are played such as accordions and a guy with a ribbed metal vest known as a washboard. If I could have joined in with my triangle I think it would have given them the edge but I didn’t bring it with me.

Before you look at my video below I’d like to finish up with my thoughts:

I’ve visited many states in America but this is my first experience of the biggest one, Texas. I didn’t really know what to expect but had some countrified idea in my head. Houston is so diverse, interesting and very citified. The size of it baffles me. The place is an urban sprawl that stretches a hundred miles across. Whereas I live in a city that is 74.61km squared and 2160 km squared into the outer country shires – Texas is 696,241 km squared. Everything IS bigger here – especially to me.

I really connected with this place and couldn’t figure out why but I feel very comfortable and at ease here. Of course, the sunny days help along with the great food and entertainment but it’s not just that. Texan people are wonderful and their hospitality and welcoming attitude has taken a piece of my heart.

I’d like to thank everyone who has followed my adventures on this years A-Z, particularly the die-hard loyalists who came daily – I will leave you money in my will if I have any left 😉 I’d like to give special thanks to my fairy godmother who has bent over backwards to make my stay as exciting and wonderful as possible with her never ending hospitality and generosity. I could never repay such kindness and feel incredibly lucky and grateful to her and her family of which I am now a member.

And whilst the daily posts finish here, my trip doesn’t. I’m staying for a lot longer with lots more exciting activities in store and will keep you posted with the most fun ones!

The sacrifices I make for you lot..;)


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Backdoor Chicken, that was my nickname in college.

wonderful journey, my sweet, full of beauties and buckaroos, you are a masterful travelogueist *)

Bippety-boppety-boo! Oh I loved watching that! Fairy godmothers are the best.

Jax always wins.

Thank you so much, my sweet and for your daily comments. I’m happy you enjoyed the series and plan to bring much more. *)

Your sixth paragraph: it happened to me. You’re one lucky chick, then, cool Miss Jules: you’ve experienced some of the truest folk on one of the finest patches of land in America and you will pine for them and it until the day you might could go back. The pining part may not seem to have much to do with lucky, but you, as a Texan now, prob’ly know there’s a lot of power in the words “might could.” : )

Miss A – best foxy writer chick of all time. Good to see you here my friend.

Truest indeed. Honest, genuine and full of southern hospitality that melts your heart. I’m already pining and I’m long off home time. This is my second home now and I plan to flit back and forth across the pond to sate my belonging. Life’s too short and I ‘might could’ for sure 🙂

Zydeco — did you go there just for the Zeeee (we don’t say ‘zed’ in the lower 48)?

Did I mention that my paternal grandfather was Alaskan and my maternal grandfather Hawaiian and the rest of me is English? I totally did it for the ZED and what’s not to like about that kind of fodder and live music and margaritas?

Zee me later about the alphabet song, Larry 😉

I mentioned the “lower 48”, not Alaska or Hawaii — so it still stands…zee.

I never took you as a person to take the insipid route, Larry 😉

I challenge your zee to my zed at high noon.

Houston is situated only 100 miles from the TX/LA State Line and we love our Louisiana neighbors to the east. They are known to have a passion for love, life and good food. The word “zydeco” comes from the word “zari”, which means dance. The steps performed to zydeco music look like Texas Swing dancing to those unfamiliar with it. Zydeco dancing is intensely passionate and sexy, and many are heralding it as “the new salsa.” It was a natural fit for Jules, the “salsa” queen!

Teresa, you are diamond and I can count on one hand (in fact, exactly) how many people I say that to. Diamonds are the most beautiful, pure, rock hard gems that sparkle like stars.
There are many imitations but they soon cloud or tarnish; pure carat is a rarity.

Thank you so much for everything. xx

Any kind of dance where you bend your knees and stick out your booty gets my seal of approval. I’m glad to hear the party continues – you’ll be a regular cowgirl when the adventures ends! I may have to write a song in your honour called ‘The Ballad of Calamity Jules’.

The ballad of calamity Jules. Now that sounds like a GREAT song. Get to it, Mr. Gorilla Bananas and have your she gorillas dancing Zydeco to give you inspiration!

They need to get over here for a northern soul night with them moves

On the spinning Palais dance floor!

Z yes Z ….. That’s it then I’ve enjoyed every single blog, however Merica has had you for long enough, can’t wait to go for our coffee cake and Wilko’s!!!! See what you’ve been missing cakes xxx

Wilko’s and some bris-bris. Ahhhh – I feel all melancholy. Miss ya, cakes xx

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